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The following pages have information for students at University of Gävle.


Studentcentrum hittar du i hus 22. Dit kan du vända dig med frågor som rör dina studier.

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  • 4/25/2017

    Lunch seminar about Erasmus+

    Welcome to attend a lunch seminar about Erasmus+: 'A European We? Erasmusicians Stories' on May 9th, at 12pm in the Krusenstjerna room (library). A talk about Europe, exchange and music. Registration reqired!
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  • 4/11/2017

    Important information: System change - New Ladok

    Ladok, our student record system, will be closed down during weeks 26 and 27. Find out here how this may affect you as a student.
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  • 4/11/2017

    Do you need more printouts on your card?

    Each semester all students are provided with free printouts up to 100 SEK. Additional printouts can be bought through the Payex system.
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From the Library

  • 4/25/2017

    Changed Opening Hours

    The Library is closed on Monday 1st of May

  • 4/18/2017

    Booksale at the Library

    The Library is selling books

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