Introduction Schedule

There are a range of activities happening in the first few weeks of the semester. Get to know the University, the city of Gävle and your new university friends by taking part in the activities listed below!  

Activites for new students

Here you will find some of the activities offered at the beginning of the autumn semester. Keep an eye out on, the Student Portal and our information screens for information on what is happening around campus.

Kick-off (Inspark)

Kick-off (inspark) is the student union's and the student organisation's introduction week. Its a week full of fun and crazy adventures where you get the chance to get to know other students and the city of Gävle.

Time and place: Start 16th of August

Evenings at the Student Union

Take part in student life - visit the student union. Remember to bring a photo ID and your temporary student union card that you receive at the student union reception when you become a member of Gefle Student Union. 

Time and place: 18th, 23rd, 25th of August at the student union (building 91, Midgård)

Information Meet-up - Educational Support

An information meet-up for students with disabilities. Receive information on how to apply for educational support, what kind of support that is available, alternative examinations, available software, tour around campus, etc. 

Time and place: 22nd of August, 13.00-15.00 in room 51:321

For more information and registration, email
Registration deadline: 16th of August.

Introduction for international students

At the beginning of every semester University of Gävle arranges introduction days for international students. During the introduction days the University provides you with practical and academic information. All international students are encouraged to participate!

Time and place: 24th of August, at 9.30 in room 99:132

Please send an e-mail to to confirm your attendance at the introduction day before the 10th of August!

Start of the Semester

This week the semester starts "for real", with lectures, seminars, exams and everything else that forms part of university life.

Time and place: 28th of August at the University of Gävle

Information session: Get to know the library

An introduction to the library. How to get a library card, rules and regulations, library services, text lab, how to book group study rooms and more. Information about how you as a student can use the library and its services and what the library staff can do for you. Note that this is a general library orientation and not the same as education in information searching. 

Sandwiches and coffee or tea will be served!

Time and place: 4th of September, at 11.45-12.30 in Krusenstjernasalen (23: 213)

Registration required!
Register before the 30th of August.
Registration - Get to know the library 

Welcome fair

The welcome fair is a big event where you will be able to mingle with various organisations, unions and companies that may be of interest to you as a student.

Time and place: 7th of September, 09.30-13.30 in Räv- and Fårhallen (the two main entrance hallways)


Swim and relax for free as a student at the University of Gävle. Come to Fjärran höjder for several swimming pools, spa area with aroma sauna, woodfire outdoor sauna and a free ticket to try out their gym. Bring your HiG-card!

A collaboration between Gävle kommun, Gefle student union, Fjärran Höjder and the University of Gävle.

Time and place: 10th of September, 10.00-17.00 at Fjärran Höjder

Free football match tickets for students

The University of Gävle is hosting a football match on the 16th of September. Gefle IF meets Dalkurd at Gavlevallen. Collect your free ticket at Gavlevallen an hour before the game starts. Bring your University card!

Time and place: 16th of September at 18.00, Gavlevallen