Students with disabilities

As a student with a disability, you can apply for educational support to make your studies here easier. If you are in need of disability adaptations and support measures, do not hesitate to ask.

If you have a disability you are welcome to apply for educational support. The term disability here refers to a permanent or long-term disability.

How to apply for educational support:

1. Apply via the NAISexternal link, opens in new window system. Attach a certificate stating your disability. You can upload a photo of the certificate with your phone.

2. The coordinator will contact you for a discussion on appropriate support measures.

3. The coordinator makes a decision where the support measures are outlined. You need to show this to your teachers and examinators when you discuss your educational support with them.

It may take time to arrange the solution that suits your needs, so contact us well in advance.

Kerstin Åberg

Kerstin Åberg

Contact Information

Kerstin Åberg (on leave)
Coordinator for students with disabilities

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson
Student coach
Coordinator for students with disabilities

Christina Edin
Coordinator for students with disabilities

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson

Sofia Lagerberg Alfredsson


+46(0)26–64 86 41
Tuesdays 09.00–10.00

No telephone hour 2nd of January

Thursdays 10.00–12.00
Please announce your visit in the Student Centre reception (house 22)

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Christina Edin

No drop-in
27th of December
3rd of January