Book a group study room

At the Library there are rooms for group studies. Some of this rooms you can book and some you can use without booking.

Book a room

Check the Library's opening hours. The booking system KronoX does not take into account occasional changes in our Opening Hours.

  • Book a group study room
  • You can download the booking system KronoX as an app. Available for both Android and IOS.

    NOTE: To access the booking schedule, you need to login to KronoX and choose Resource Booking. Log out when you have finished the booking.

Booking Rules

  • The rooms may be booked by students up to 4 hours a day for group study work.
  • If a room has not been occupied within 30 minutes, another group can use it.
  • Incorrect or unused bookings can be cancelled by the library staff.

No room available?

On floor 4 there are group study rooms which are free to use without booking.