Research events

Here you find information on research events at the University of Gävle, where you as a member of the interested public can participate.

The researchers at the Univeristy of Gävle is an active part of society. It is important that the University and the researchers share knowledge, new facts and research findings, as well as interesting experiences with those who are interested. Each year, researchers from the University of Gävle organise and participate in different events, in which the general public, education and research meet. On this page, you find information and links to events organised by the University of Gävle or in which the University participates.

Academic Ceremony

The Academic Ceremony is one of the oldest traditions within the academics. At the University of Gävle, the academic ceremony is arranged every second year.

Upcoming events

Consuming the Environment

3-5 December 2017

In December the University of Gävle invites you to the conference Consuming the Environment for the second time. During the conference, issues on environmental communication are adressed from local, national and international perspectives. This year´s conference highlights urbanization and vulnerability.
Consuming the Environment is a humanistic research initiative to a multidisciplinary approach.

Economic sustainability - from a multidisciplinary perspective

Seminar series

During 2017, the University of Gävle invites you to a seminar series under the theme of Economic sustainability - from a multidisciplinary perspective. Different perspectives are addressed at seven different lunch seminars, in connection with soup lunch. The seminar series ends with a larger workshop.