Marko Modiano

Marko Modiano



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Current Research

Diversity in language education

Recent Publications

Modiano, M. (2017). English in a Post-Brexit European Union. World Englishes, 36 (3), 313-327. 10.1111/weng.12264 [More information]
Modiano, M. (2009). Inclusive/exclusive ? : English as a lingua franca in the European Union. World Englishes, 28 (2), 208-223. 10.1111/j.1467-971X.2009.01584.x [More information]
Modiano, M. (2017). Responses to comments. World Englishes, 36 (3), 363-366. 10.1111/weng.12275 [More information]
Modiano, M. (2009). EIL, Nativespeakerism, and the Failure of European ELT. English as an International Language : perspectives and pedagogical issues. Multilingual Matters, Cleavdon UK. S. 58-77. [More information]
Modiano, M. (2009). Multiculturalism and the Challenge of English in Europe. Boundaries, Boundary Crossing, Cross-boundary Transfer : Proceedings of the 12-th International Conference of the Bulgarian Society for British Studies, 9-12 November 2007, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Blagoevgrad: South-Western university Neofit Rilski. Link [More information]
Marko Modiano