Services Marketing C 7.5 hp

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The course will offer a detailed understanding of what service is, how it differs from goods and what role it plays in today's consumption and sales. A major part of the course deals with planning, designing and developing service offerings to satisfy customer needs. The role of customer is thoroughly discussed in assessing and formulating demand, in creating and managing services and in attracting other customers. Service quality is particularly focused considering intangible nature of services and involvement of human elements in most service creation processes. Further, major service theories and their application are discussed from articles published in the internationally reputed journals. Internationalization of services are now becoming very important in business, and therefore this issue is particularly dealt with through reading of articles. Even what is happening in the reality and how firms develop and manages services and customer relationships will be an important assignment for group works. For more information please visit





Marknadsföring G1N (7,5 hp) och G1F (7,5 hp).



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Hösten 2019
201946 - 202003
Studietid: Dagtid
Antal platser: 10
Studieort: Ortsoberoende
0 träffar
Anmälningskod: HIG-11174
Undervisningsspråk: Engelska
Studietakt: Halvfart

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