Energy Systems 6 cr

About the Course

After completion of the course the student shall be able to
Knowledge and understanding
1. present important concepts and definitions in energy systems
2. present different types of energy systems such as industrial energy systems, building energy systems, and transport from a sustainability point of view
3. present and demonstrate understanding of current research and development work related to the course content
4. present the design of power-heating systems

Competence and skills
5. assess and analyse the system limits of different energy systems
6. assess and analyse building energy systems and industrial energy systems
7. assess different energy systems with respect to climate and environmental considerations
8. define and formulate a project work autonomously as well as plan and, using appropriate methods, undertake the same within predetermined time frames
9. in speech and writing report clearly their project work and discuss their conclusions and the knowledge and arguments on which they are based

Judgement and approach
10. demonstrate awareness of ethical aspects of research and development work
11. make assessments informed by social issues related to the course content.



Application information


English language proficiency equivalent to (the Swedish upper secondary school) English course 6/B. Completion of Bachelor's degree in technology or natural sciences of at least 180 credits, or equivalent foreign degree, at least 12 credits of which in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, or equivalent knowledge.


University credits

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