Industrial Energy Systems 6 cr

About the Course

This course aims at providing knowledge about industrial energy systems. The course considers both supply and demand side aspects and focus at providing knowledge concerning the connection of the use of energy and industrial production. Energy surveys, energy saving potentials and the industrial energy use, and its significance for example for the environment, are considered. The aim is also to provide knowledge of computational tools for analysing industrial energy systems from a systems point of view and give an understanding for the industrial building as an energy system.

At the end of the course the students should:
­- Have a good understanding of the connection between the supply and demand sides of industrial energy systems.
- Have acquired knowledge about different possibilities to influence the energy demand and the corresponding costs.
- Have become familiar with the energy demand for both support and production processes and their interrelation.
- Have become familiar with methods for industrial energy system analysis.
- Have acquired knowledge about the structure and development regarding the use of energy.
- Be familiar with tools from industrial energy system simulations



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Building Energy Systems 7,5 credits and Energy Systems 7,5 credits, or equivalent


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