Scientific methods and writing 3 cr

About the Course

After completion of the course the student shall be able to

Knowledge and understanding
1. describe the main research methods in technology and science
2. describe quantitative as well as qualitative data collection methods
3. account for appropriate ethical conduct and attitudes for engineers and researchers

Skills and Abilities
4. formulate research problems and questions
5. choose appropriate research method based on particular research questions
6. choose and create suitable graphical representation of research data of different kinds
7. use scientific databases to find relevant literature
8. identify credible and adequately presented scientific material
9. refer correctly regarding formalism, plagiarism and ethics
10. write a research proposal in academic style, with focus on method in light of previous literature
11. orally present a project plan with visual aids and oppose another student's corresponding work.

Judgement and approach
12. identify and critically discuss merits and demerits in scientific publications



Application information


Building Energy Systems 7,5 credits and Energy Systems 7,5 credits, or equivalent


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