Environmental Certification According to ISO 14001


The University of Gävle was environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 in July 2004. This certification comprises teaching and research in collaboration with the surrounding society. The exceptions from this certification are our premises on Sjötullsgatan in Gävle (the laboratory with the wind tunnel) and the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research in Umeå.

What is certification?

Certification means that an activity meets the requirements for the standard ISO14001 and a certification is a proof of this standard. A competent, independent body accredited by SWEDAC (Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation) carries out an audit and controls that the organisation in question operates according to the requirements of ISO 14001. The certification accordingly demonstrates that an independent body has approved of the environmental management system.

What does the certification show?

The University of Gävle was environmentally certified because we have an efficient and structured way to operate, not only in in our environmental management, but also in our quality assurance management and systematic work environment management, which altogether contribute to a sustainable development.

The demand for external reports also means that there is an internal follow-up. We make this work visible through clearer areas of responsibility, communication and performance reports. It also increases motivation for our environmental work among members of staff. Swedish as well as international students choose the University of Gävle thanks to our environmental awareness and our certification.

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