The University's Policy and Objectives for Sustainable Development

Platform for Strategy 2020 was established 15 December 2016 by the University Board, together with the overarching objectives for sustainable development.

The University of Gävle intends to develop and disseminate the knowledge of, and increase awareness of, a sustainable human living environment from ecological, economic and social perspectives.

We aim to achieve this through

  • relevant education
  • research, and by communicating research results
  • information dissemination, partnerships and collaboration

The Council for Sustainable Development (RHU) has used the overarching objectives for sustainable development to formulate proposals of common, detailed sustainability objectives that are applicable in all units. The proposals have been reviewed and adopted by the Vice-Chancellor's management group.

These objectives are then made concrete in each unit's two-year objectives and action plans.

The work with the direct environmental aspects is carried out continuously, since they must be presented to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Education. This concerns, for instance, material and energy use including transports.

What is sustainable development?


Published by: Rose-Marie Löf Page responsible: Inger Helldal Updated: 2017-12-16
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