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CIMaR 2024

Welcome to the 31st Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop Conference by the Consortium for International Marketing Research (CIMaR)

Theme: Sustainable International Business: Being Resilient under New Realities

We are excited to bring together a diverse group of scholars, researchers, and professionals here in Sweden, to discuss and explore various aspects of sustainable international business at the Consortium for International Marketing Research (CIMaR) conference.

In this conference, we delve into the resilience of international business in the face of evolving global realities. We will explore the intersection of marketing strategies and ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable business practices, but also implications of digitalization, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the challenges, opportunities and impacts in geopolitical contexts. Where Resilience, the ability to withstand, cope, adapt and quickly recover from stresses and shocks, is becoming a central concept in Sustainable International Business.

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The conference will cover a wide range of topics in International Business and International Marketing. In particular, we encourage papers connected to the following topics:

  1. Responsible and Sustainable International Business in the Post-pandemic World
  2. Influence of Global Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Sustainable International Business
  3. Digitalization Strategies for Sustainable International Business
  4. The Reshaping of Global Value Chains: Resiliency, Geopolitics and Sustainability
  5. MNEs Role in Achieving SDGs
  6. Sustainable International B2C or B2B Marketing Strategies
  7. Responsible International Marketing in a Geopolitical context
  8. Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable International Marketing in Emerging Markets
  9. Sustainable International Marketing Practices influencing SDGs
  10. Strategies Related to Sustainable Global Corporate Branding
  11. Other

We encourage researchers to submit their work on these topic areas, though other topics are also welcome.

We look forward to your contributions and to fostering a space for learning, growth, and collaborations, where new participants are always welcome to join in the advancement of knowledge in this critical area of study.

Awards for the best selected papers: 1st – US$ 500 | 2nd – US$ 300 | 3rd – US$ 200
Tamer Cavusgil Best Paper Award

Important dates

  • Paper Submission deadline extended to: 30th of March 2024
  • Notifications of Acceptance: 2nd of April 2024
  • Professional Development Workshop for PhD students and senior scholars: Monday 10th of June 2024
  • Conference main days: Monday 10th – Thursday 13th of June Professional Development Workshop: Monday 10th of June
    Conference gala dinner: Wednesday 12th of June
    Insights to publication, industry and Swedish culture with transfer to Stockholm: Thursday 13th of June
Logga Cimar
Logga Ciber

Questions about the conference

E-mail: info.cimar2024@hig.se

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