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Company visits

On the last day of conference, Thursday 13th of June the participants can choose between two company tours.


Alleima, is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys, and pioneers within sustainable steel production technologies.

With 160 years of company history; where they changed their name from Sandvik Materials Technology in 2022, when they were separated from the Sandvik Group. They have more than 40 sales offices, 26 production sites and 5 R&D centers across the globe, where those who stay for the last day of the conference can co on a morning tour of their facilities in the nearby city of Sandviken.

More information about Alleima

Alleima is well positioned to capitalize on the green transition

Sandvik Coromant

There will be a virtual tour to Sandvik Coromant, a multinational steel company part of the international conglomerate Sandvik Group that originated in the local region, who will give a digital tour of their facilities in Gimo. This is recognized as a “lighthouse” site by the World Economic Forum, implementing many advanced Industry 4.0 technologies as well as working toward innovative sustainability solutions. You can connect to participate in the tour from the hotel during the morning, before going to Stockholm.

More information about Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant in Gimo

World Economic Forum recognizes Sandvik Coromant plant as advanced Industry 4.0 site

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