Consuming The Environment 2017 - multidiciplinary approaches to urbanization and vulnerability

Conference and workshop 3-5 December

Climate change, environmental degradation, people escaping war and hard living circumstances are questions the media report on daily. How severe is it? What do people know, how are they informed and what are they thinking? What are media telling us? In what way are environmental concerns dealt with in different academic disciplines? In popular culture? What about education and politics? What more do we need know?

This year´s conference highlights urbanization and vulnerability.
Consuming the Environment is a humanistic research initiative to a multidisciplinary approach. The University of Gävle invites you to contribute with

  • Extended abstract (2000-4000 words)
  • Full length paper (4000-6000 words)
  • Posters (exhibited and presented continuously)

No more than two submissions associated with any one person.

Important dates

10 November (1 November) Deadline submission of papers and posters.
3 December Social events in Gävle.
4-5 December Conference and workshops.


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