Sustainable taxation –
Global challenges and legal solutions

Workshop at the University of Gävle, 8th and 9th of April 2019

This workshop aims to gather researchers from the fields of legal scholarship, economics, and related areas to discuss the importance of sustainable taxation and the theoretical and practical questions that it poses, in particular the legal frameworks needed to create and support sustainable taxation, now and in the future.

The ongoing process of globalization raises several interesting challenges for tax policy generally, including the preservation of current tax bases, the development of new ones, and the financing and maintenance of national welfare systems. These challenges are particularly relevant to the process of creating and using fiscal instruments to address climate change.

The workshop aims to explore sustainable taxation through four themes:

(1) Environmental taxation
(2) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable accounting
(3) Human Rights and taxation
(4) Tax policy and Tax design.

We strongly encourage participants to submit papers drawing on the fields of public finance or tax law, or both, so long as they link their research to any of these four themes.


Important dates

31 January 2019
Final deadline for submitting abstract and for register for the workshop

15 February 2019
Notification for accepted abstracts

22 Mars 2019
Final deadline for submitting drafs of accepted papers


Yvette Lind
Assistant professor, University of Gävle

Mats Landström
Assistant professor, University of Gävle

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