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The Linnaeus-Palme programme allows Swedish universities to develop partnerships with universities in low and middle-income countries.

Studenter i högskolemiljön.

Current projects

Grants for teacher and student exchanges strengthens the university’s capacity and strategic internationalisation work as well as the quality of education. One expected result is that teachers and students develop an interest in and ability to contribute to the 2030 Agenda.

Current projects within Linnaeus-Palme at the University of Gävle:

  • Partner university: Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina Subject area: Teacher Education

Project title

Education for Sustainable Development in action: creating an academic platform for a long-term cooperation pre-service Teacher Education program between Argentina (UNSAM) and Sweden (HiG) (2019-2022)

Project description

The project aims to continue the development of an academic platform for a long-term cooperation of teachers/students exchange in pre-service Teacher Education program between two departments of Higher Education Institutions from Argentina (Buenos Aires, UNSAM, School of Humanities) and Sweden (University of Gävle, Department of Education at the Faculty of Education and Business Studies). Cooperation aims to build on emerging contributions and recognition of various interconnections between Teacher Education Curriculum (TEC) from the perspectives of Global South and Global North with the focus on Education for Sustainable Development Goals (ESD-goals):

The development of this interdisciplinary academic platform with the focus on ESD-goals aims to:

  • coordinate of teaching inputs in respect to Educational Curricular with focus on SDGs and ESD-goals (the Goal 4) within the national, local and universities (involved in the project) Agenda 2030;
  • develop teacher’s didactic skills to teach about Sustainable Development (SD) within ESD-goals;
  • format course packages, framing ESD-goals on its different levels of TEC;
  • enrich teacher’ and students’ practices in learning about multidimensional SD issues;
  • develop relevant tools for teaching in multicultural and multilingual contexts;
  • develop mechanisms and tools for further internationalization in teaching internationally (combining online and face to face/in-classroom activities, etc.);
  • build common strategies, making our institutions more inclusive in long-term and offering for more students the possibility to have a successful performance in Higher Education.

Liya Kalinnikova Magnusson, PhD in Special Education, University of Gävle

Silvia Grinberg, PhD in Education, Universidad Nacional de San Martín

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Universidad Nacional de San Martín


Questions about Linnaeus-Palme projects at University of Gävle

Malin Hillman, International Coordinator

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