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Mission Statement, vision, core values and strategies

University of Gävle is a higher education institution which strives to contribute to change in society and to take an active part in shaping our shared future. In collaborations with the surrounding society, we focus on solutions to societal challenges in our education and research. We aim to be the first choice for students and for members of staff as well as for our partners.

Mission statement

The University of Gävle shapes the future by providing solutions to societal challenges in its education and research. In collaboration, we create a sustainable world.


The first choice for all who want to make a difference.


University of Gävle’s overall operational goals are:

  • The University’s integrated research and education environments are internationally renowned.
  • We are a challenge-driven university that, locally and globally, creates societal impact.


The University’s principal strategies are:

  • Via strategic prioritisations, we create integrated research and education environments that promote the quality, reputation and relevance of our courses and study programmes.
  • Via the building of interdisciplinary research areas, we develop knowledge that has impact.
  • Via sustainable, internationally oriented education and research, we take a clear position in the global arena.
  • Via long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships, we contribute to societal development.
  • Via advanced forms of web-based teaching and investment in innovative learning environments, we take a leading position in lifelong learning.
  • Via leadership that promotes employee participation, collegial responsibility and student influence, we create favourable conditions for operational and organisational development.

Core values

  • Credibility
    We stand on scientific ground with high integrity. We are independent.
  • Openness
    We have a welcoming and inclusive approach. We believe in collaboration and dialogue that build trust.
  • Creativity
    We are brave. We embrace critical thinking. We are innovative.
Published by: Anna-Carin Skytt Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2022-10-20
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