Education and Research Strategy

University of Gävle’s education and research for the time period 2021 – 2030 is based on the University’s vision, mission statement and core values.

To a large extent, the new education and research strategy builds on what the University is already doing, but it identifies our key priorities and core activities for the next decade.

Education and Research Strategy for University of Gävle comprises two overall operational goals six principal strategies.


University of Gävle’s overall operational goals are:

  • The University’s integrated research and education environments are internationally renowned.
  • We are a challenge-driven university that, locally and globally, creates societal impact.


The University’s principal strategies are:

  • Via strategic prioritisations, we create integrated research and education environments that promote the quality, reputation and relevance of our courses and study programmes.
  • Via the building of interdisciplinary research areas, we develop knowledge that has impact.
  • Via sustainable, internationally oriented education and research, we take a clear position in the global arena.
  • Via long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships, we contribute to societal development.
  • Via advanced forms of web-based teaching and investment in innovative learning environments, we take a leading position in lifelong learning.
  • Via leadership that promotes employee participation, collegial responsibility and student influence, we create favourable conditions for operational and organisational development.

Central parts in the strategy

Central parts in the strategy are the challenge-driven dimension, which is manifested in the strategic research areas, while the knowledge dimension concerns the integrated research and education environments. Another important part in the strategy is lifelong learning; here University of Gävle strives to take a leading position. Moreover, the University has an ambition to become more international and global and this ambition is expressed in overall operational goals and strategies.

The first choice for all who want to make a difference

All strategies emanate from the University’s mission statement and aim to achieve operational goals and, in the long run, fulfil the University’s vision "The first choice for all who want to make a difference".

The vision pyramid University of Gävle
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