University Board

Under the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance, the University of Gävle has a board with the overall responsibility for the activities of the University

Structure and Assignment of the Board

Acting under the authority of the University Board, the Vice-Chancellor exercises operational leadership. The University Board and the Vice-Chancellor together constitute the highest management of the University - the higher education management.

Apart from the Vice-Chancellor, the Board consists of

  • eight members appointed by the Swedish government
  • three members appointed by the lecturers
  • three members appointed by Gefle Student Union.



Ylva Fältholm
Vice-Chancellor, professor
University of Gävle

Members appointed by the Swedish Government

Terry Hartig
Uppsala University

Gun Hedlund
Assistant Regional Director

Barbro Holmberg
Former Governor

Ingrid Iremark
Former Under-secretary

Ingrid Johansson-Lind

Mats Leijon
Uppsala University

Thomas Nylund

Ingegerd Palmér
Former Vice-Chancellor at
Mälardalen University 

Members appointed by members of Lecturers

Rolf Källström
University of Gävle

Johan Larsson
Senior Lecturer
University of Gävle

Annika Elm
Senior Lecturer
University of Gävle

Members appointed by Gefle Student Union

Elin Westrin
Chair of Gefle Student Union

Annie Boberg
Deputy Chair of Gefle Student Union

Veronica Samuelsson
Gefle Student Union



Linda Hofvenstam
Phone: +46(0)26- 64 85 94

Board meetings 2018

20 February
18 April
14 June
11 October
14 December 

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