Disciplinary Board

The University of Gävle is governed by the Higher Education Ordinance. According to chapter 10 of this ordinance, cases concerning disciplinary measures against students must be processed by a disciplinary board.

In the Higher Education Ordinance it says that disciplinary measures may be taken against students who:

  • use unauthorised aids or other methods to attempt to mislead during examinations or other forms of study performance assessment
  • disrupt or obstruct teaching, examinations, or other activities within the framework of courses and study programmes at the higher education institution
  • disrupt activities in the library of the higher education institution or other separate establishments at the institution
  • subject another student or member of the staff of the higher education institution to harassment or sexual harassment of the kind described in Section 4 of Chapter 1 of the Discrimination Act (2008:567).

Disciplinary measures may not be taken more than two years after the offence was committed. Ordinance (2008:944).

Chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance also outlines the composition of the board, how long the representatives can serve and also its rules of procedure.


Maj-Britt Johansson, Vice-Chancellor, Chair of the Board
Erland Hesslow, Judge, Legally qualified
Annika Hessel, Judge, Deputy legally qualified
Mårten Eriksson, Docent, teacher representative
Johan Liljestrand, Senior lecturer, teacher representative

Student members:

Emma Thiede, Vice Chair of Gefle Student Union

Kim Nylund, student


Mikael Krigh

Phone:+(0)46 026–64 89 68

E-mail: mikael.krigh@hig.se

Published by: Mia Mårdberg Updated: 2017-05-16
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