MyGävle is a smartphone application developed within the BIG research project to study individual, social, and ecological health. MyGävle allows participants to register in the BIG study, record their good and bad experiences, and see how the municipality of Gävle affects them.

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Do you want to be a citizen scientist?

Are you interested in providing us with scientific data without changing your habits and routines? We are looking for people who would like to share their good and bad experiences and to see how where they go in Gävle influences their health and wellbeing. It is as simple as downloading a free app.

In addition, to a selection of 400 people of different age groups, we will also give the possibility to directly monitor their own health using a Garmin vìvosmart 4 for a symbolic cost.

Facts about the research study MyGävle

Here is short facts about the project. You can also check our FAQ for more questions and answers about the project.

How can I participate?

Download our app and create a profile and start to report your good and bad experiences of Gävle.

Who can participate?

If you live in the municipality of Gävle, are at least 15 years old and at most 79 years old, with no pre-existing mobility or cardiovascular issues you can participate in the study.

For how long do I need to participate?

The study will run from September 2021 to November 2022.

What are the advantages for me?

There are several benefits associated with participating in the project.

  • First, you get to be a citizen scientist. MyGävle gives you the opportunity to report what affect your happiness, life satisfaction, or sense of connection with your neighbourhood. It makes you an active producer of scientific data that will be then analysed at University of Gävle and taken into consideration in future planning of Gävle.
  • Second, by using MyGävle you will be entered into the final raffles in December 2022. The collective prize value is of around 150.000 SEK and your chances to win are about 1 in 20. The prizes include GoGift cards to spend in Gävle and 5 electric bicycles each costing around 20.000 SEK. The more you engage with MyGävle the more chances you get to win these prizes.
  • Third, you can one of the 400 people who will be selected in August 2021 and will be given a Garmin vìvosmart 4 fitness band at a symbolic cost of 99 SEK. In January 2023, after the study is terminated, arrangements can be taken if you want to keep the watch at no additional cost, otherwise you can return it.

You will be contributing to research that aims to understand how to create cities where individual, social, and ecological co-exist and promote each other. All the data that you provide us is the first step to eventually improve the living landscape of Gävle, which is where you live.

Download the app MyGävle

You can easily download MyGävle for free via Google Play or the App Store:

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for Apple phones

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How the app works

MyGävle is easy to use. Here is how to get started.

1. Download MyGävle and create a profile

After you download MyGävle, we ask you to create a profile with your personal information, such as gender, age, address, social security number, education level, etc.

We also ask you access to the GPS sensor of your smartphone because we need to see where ‘your’ Gävle is

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2. Report your good and bad experiences

In order for us to understand how Gävle affects your wellbeing, we ask you to record good or bad experiences that you have in your daily life.

It takes 1 minute to do so with MyGävle, and you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

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3. 3. See ‘your’ Gävle

MyGävle will give you unique insights into what ‘your’ and everyone’s Gävle is.

MyGävle will show you where you walk, drive, or cycle, and if you are among the 400 people selected to be the representative group (or if you have Garmin watch yourself), you will see how each of these places affect your stress levels.

You will be also able to see where all the good and bad experiences reported by everyone are in Gävle.

Bild från appen MyGävle: se bra och goda upplevelser av staden

4. Assess your health and wellbeing

At the beginning of each season in the project (September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, June 2022, and September 2022), we will assess your happiness, wellbeing, life satisfaction, connection with nature, and connection with the community. This is where we connect all the dots. This is how we understand how the places that you visited and the experiences you had have influenced your overall mental and physical health.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Matteo Giusti (for communication in English)
Telephone: 026 64 50 16

Karl Samuelsson (for communication in Swedish)
Telephone: 026 64 84 26

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