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MyGävle is a smartphone application part of the BIG research project. The BIG study is a collaboration between the University of Gävle and Future Position X, and it is funded by Vinnova. Several researchers and professionals are involved in this project.

BIG Research Project

MyGävle is a part of the research project called BIG (Better life quality with Integrative GIS) The project is a collaboration between the University of Gävle and Future Position X. The BIG project use Gävle as a test bed to understand how healthy, sustainable, and livable cities should be built in the future.

The project aims to co-create knowledge for urban solutions that simultaneously promote individual, social, and ecological health. The project will map ecological and geographical properties in the landscape of Gävle and it will cross-analyse these with how people experience their urban landscape.

Project Team

Several researchers and professionals are involved in this project.

Matteo Giusti, PhD., Researcher in Sustainability Science, is Principal Investigator and project manager of BIG and MyGävle. He has previous experience of designing and running PPGIS studies and he is an expert in sustainable human-nature relationships and regenerative dynamics. (University of Gävle)

Karl Samuelsson, post doctor, is specialised in using GIS, PPGIS and spatial statistical models to explore relationships between the urban physical and social environment and people’s experiences and well-being (University of Gävle)

Anders Brandt, Associate professor in geospatial information science with expertise in physical geography, GIS and spatial multicriteria decision (University of Gävle)

Nancy Joy Lim, PhD in Geospatial Information Science. She has technical competence in modelling, GIS analysis, and geovisualisation (University of Gävle)

Stephan Barthel, Assistant Professor. He acts as a mentor for the project group (University of Gävle)

Andrew Mercer, PhD in Physical Geography, has technical expertise in GIS and BIG DATA science (University of Gävle)

Andreas Franzén is a senior developer at Machinae AB and it has been responsible for the development of MyGävle.

Per Andersson is Process Manager at FPX. He acts as the bridge between research and academy creating connection and insights of great value for MyGävle and the whole BIG project.

Magnus Engström is CTO at FPX. He acts as mentor for all the technical aspects of the BIG project and MyGävle (FPX).

Malin Hefvelin (Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics) is a free-lance journalist and copywriter contributing with content to MyGävle and the BIG project (FPX).

Julia Engström is a communicator and marketing strategist for MyGävle (FPX).

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