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Frequently Asked Questions about MyGävle and the research project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyGävle?

MyGävle is a smartphone application developed within the BIG research project. MyGävle allows participants to receive information about the study, register, answer surveys, share their geographical locations, and connect with Garmin wearables.

What is the BIG research project?

MyGävle is part of a research project at the University of Gävle called BIG. BIG aims at creating knowledge for urban solutions that simultaneously promote individual, social, and ecological health. More information about the project you can find on the Universitys webpage for the project or at the Future Position X. All the research of the BIG project will be done on Gävle and for the people of Gävle. By living in Gävle, you know where Gävle makes you feel good or bad and we would like to understand how to your good experiences can be maximized and your bad experiences reduced. The research project is a collaboration between the University of Gävle, Future Position X (FPX), and it is financed by Vinnova. The principal investigator is Matteo Giusti, Researcher in Sustainability Science at the University ( Below you will find information about what it means to use MyGävle and participate in the BIG project.

Who can participate?

If you live in the municipality of Gävle, are at least 15 years old and at most 79 years old, with no pre-existing mobility or cardiovascular issues you can participate in the study.

How long will the BIG project last?

The study will run from September 2021 to November 2022.

How much time will it take from me?

Over the entire length of the study (15 months) the active commitment required by MyGävle ranges from 90 to maximum 180 minutes. This is because when using MyGävle you will be asked to answer two surveys. The first survey is 1 minute long and we ask you to answer it at least once a week. This survey is about your positive and negative experiences in Gävle.

The second survey is 3 minutes long and you are asked to answer it only five times (September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, June 2022, and September 2022). This survey is about your happiness, mental and physical health, connection with nature, and level of connection with the community.

Will I receive a watch if I download MyGävle?

No. In July and August 2021, the researchers will select a group of 400 people among those who downloaded MyGävle to be representative of the population of Gävle based on the profile data submitted. Only these people will be invited to request the watch. Still, everyone using MyGävle is part of the public research project, and your input will be greatly appreciated.

Which experiences should I report using MyGävle?

Everything that make your everyday life good or bad. Every day, the places that we live and go through guide us towards positive or negative experiences. Being able to sit on a bench with a friend while enjoying the birds singing requires both a physical infrastructure (i.e. bench), social interactions (i.e. friend), and the presence of natural elements (i.e. birds). Over a normal day or a week, the built infrastructure, people, and nature interact to create good or bad experiences. These are the meaningful experiences we would like you to share with us.

What kind of phone do I need?

MyGävle works on both Android and iOS devices. For iOS the minimum functioning operating system is iOS11. For Android the minimum operating system is Android 5.

Can I connect my own Garmin watch to MyGävle?

Yes. You can do so by going to the Settings page of MyGävle. Then, click Connections. Under the Garmin section, you can click on Connect. You will be requested to log in with your Garmin account and agree to share Garmin data with MyGävle. Once you have completed these steps your Garmin will be connected to MyGävle and the button in the Garmin section will be grey and say Connected.

What language options are available in MyGävle?

MyGävle is available in English and Swedish. You will set up the language right at the beginning, but you can also change it in the 'settings' option of MyGävle.

Is my participation private and confidential?

Yes. Your personal data is collected for research use only. Your personal data will be compiled by the app, de-identified, and stored on an encrypted server at HiG. Only few authorized researchers at HiG will be able to access the information collected about you, only for research purposes, and the data will be presented publicly only at the aggregate level.

Will you send me notifications?

Very rarely. MyGävle has a notification system built in, but we will use it only in a few cases. For example, you will receive a notification if we have problems acquiring your location data, if you have been selected as a representative of the population of Gävle, or if you win prizes during the lottery extractions, etc. In critical situations, for example if the notification system stops functioning, we will contact you via the email address you provide us.

What if I agree to participate but then change my mind?

You can exit the study at any time. Your participation is voluntary, and you can choose to withdraw at any time. If you choose not to participate or wish to discontinue your participation, you do not need to state your reasons, nor will it affect the way you are treated or responded to. If you wish to discontinue your participation, you can do so via the ‘exit the study’ function in the Setting tab of the app or by sending an email the principal investigator at or 026 64 50 16 (for English communication), or or 026 64 84 26 (for Swedish communication).

However, if you have already received the Garmin vìvosmart 4 and cancel your participation before the end of the study (November 2022), or if you consistently fail to answer the ‘experience’ and ‘baseline’ surveys, you will be asked to either return the fitness band to: Matteo Giusti, Högskolan i Gävle, 80176 Gävle or pay 550 SEK to keep the watch.

What are the risks of participating?

Participation in the project does not involve any physical or psychological interference with your normal life, as the project aims to map your usual activities. There is therefore no immediate physical or psychological risk associated with being part of the project. However, the research will collect your personal data over a long period of time. It may feel uncomfortable to give away personal data for research purposes. These includes socio-demographic data about your personal identity (e.g. name, income level, and personnummer), or data about your personal good or bad experiences in Gävle, or your geographical locations. We will use the information of your personnummer in case you will win prizes at the final raffle extraction. Beside the invasion of privacy due to requesting this information, we foreseen no additional risks in using MyGävle and participating in the BIG research project.

What are the benefits of participating?

There are several benefits associated with participating in the project.

First, you get to be a citizen scientist. MyGävle gives you the opportunity to report what affect your happiness, life satisfaction, or sense of connection with your neighbourhood. It makes you an active producer of scientific data that will be then analysed at University of Gävle and taken into consideration in future planning of Gävle.

Second, by using MyGävle you will be entered into the final raffles in December 2022. The collective prize value is of around 150.000 SEK and your chances to win are about 1 in 20. The prizes include GoGift cards to spend in Gävle and 5 electric bicycles each costing around 20.000 SEK. The more you engage with MyGävle the more chances you get to win these prizes.

Third, you can one of the 400 people who will be selected in August 2021 and will be given a Garmin vìvosmart 4 fitness band at a symbolic cost of 99 SEK. In January 2023, after the study is terminated, arrangements can be taken if you want to keep the watch at no additional cost, otherwise you can return it.

You will be contributing to research that aims to understand how to create cities where individual, social, and ecological co-exist and promote each other. All the data that you provide us is the first step to eventually improve the living landscape of Gävle, which is where you live.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the principal investigator Matteo Giusti for communication in English or Karl Samuelsson for communication in Swedish.
Matteo Giusti: e-mail: or phone: 026 64 50 16
Karl Samuelsson: e-mail: or phone: 026 64 84 26

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