The University's policy and goals for sustainable development

The University's work on sustainable development is based on our environmental policy and overall sustainability goals.

Environmental policy

In its education and research, the University of Gävle, in collaboration with industry and society, shall actively promote sustainable development and prevent and minimize the negative environmental impact of its activities. This shall be done by:

  • the systematic environmental work is carried out in continuous improvement, permeates all activities, and maintains a high level.
  • education and research that contribute in a clear and credible way to solving societal challenges are prioritized in decisions on the direction of activities.
  • providing opportunities for staff and students to acquire knowledge and understanding of environmental aspects of societal development.
  • environmental considerations are admitted in all aspects of the business travel and procurement process, including resource and waste management.
  • the energy use of the University's premises is continuously improved.
  • legislation and other requirements are the minimum level in all work for sustainable development.

Overall sustainability objectives

The operational objectives together with the mission statement constitute the overall sustainability objectives for the period 2021-2024, with the following sub-objectives:

Indirect environmental and sustainability objectives

  • Sustainable development is integrated into education at all levels, enabling students to contribute to the sustainable development of society after graduation.
  • The results of research benefit the wider society, solve societal challenges, promote the pursuit of a sustainable society, and can be applied in activities outside the scientific community at regional, national and international level.

Direct environmental objective

  • In our own activities, the aim is to reduce our impact on the environment, and specifically our impact on the climate, in line with society's commitments as expressed in national and international agreements.


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