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Welcome to the University of Gävle Alumni – the network for those of you who have studied here

University of Gävle Alumni – the network for those of you who have studied here at the University of Gävle.

We would very much like to keep in touch with you

Have you just qualified? As a past student of University of Gävle you are welcome to join our alumni network “HiG Alumni”.

"Alumni is the plural form of the Latin word alumnus that means pupil, student or protégé (the female equivalent is alumna, plural alumnae). Today we regard an alumnus/alumna as a former student from a certain university, either with or without qualifications."

HiG Alumni — for you

During your period of study you have made important contacts with people on the same course and lecturers, which can have great significance in the future. Through an alumni network you can both keep and widen your social and professional contacts. You can also hear the latest about recent research, courses and in-service training by way of newsletters.

HiG Alumni — for the University

With your help as alumnus/alumna the university can develop their courses and strengthen their connection with the outside world. You are an important link to the field of employment - it can lead to degree projects, internships, study visits and mentoring for the present students.  At the same time you support us in the recruiting of new students once we know more about your career. We cannot have better ambassadors!

HiG alumni in a global network

Today our alumni can be found all over the world, which is very exciting. Irrespective as to where on the map you are, you are important to us!

Join the alumni network!

As alumnus/alumna in the network you will be invited to reunions, seminars and lectures. You can subscribe to our newsletter LEVE! and be brought up to date about what’s happening at the University in Gävle. Naturally it does not cost anything to join the alumni network, and no other commitments are expected of you.

Apply for membership

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If you have any queries or reflections don’t hesitate to contact the alumni coordinator.
Email: alumncoordinator@hig.se

Alumni social media

You are also very welcome to connect with us on social media.

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