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Posting: Forthcoming dissertation on uncertainties and flood mapping at the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development


Posting in the library on Tuesday 13 November at 12:15

“Modelling, mapping and visualisation of flood inundation uncertainties" by Nancy Joy Lim at the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Location: Researchers corner

Date: Tuesday 13 November

Time: 12:15


Flood maps showing extents of predicted flooding for a given extreme event have wide usage in all types of spatial planning tasks, as well as serving as information material for the public. However, the production processes that these maps undergo (including the different data, methods, models and decisions from the persons generating them), which include both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and hydraulic modelling, affect the map’s content, and will be reflected in the final map. A crisp flood boundary, which is a common way of representing the boundary in flood maps, may therefore not be the best representation to be used. They provide a false implication that these maps are correct and that the flood extents are absolute, despite the effects of the entire modelling in the prediction output. Hence, this research attempts to determine how flood prediction outputs can be affected by uncertainties in the modelling process. In addition, it tries to evaluate how users understand, utilize and perceive flood uncertainty information.

The entire research contributes to the understanding of uncertainties in flood maps. Furthermore, investigating ways to effectively communicate flood uncertainty using different visualisation techniques, as well as assessing how users apprehend and perceive the information provided to them have been important parts of the results derived.


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