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Hadi Amin Ph.D. mid-way seminar

Hadi Amin is a doctoral student in the subject of Geospatial Information Science.

Title: Study on the Earth's surface mass variations using satellite gravimetry observations

Date: Friday 04 December 2020
Time: 13:15-15:00
Place: 13:111 (limited number of seats)

Zoom: https://hig-se.zoom.us/j/68714779927

Opponents: Artu Ellmann (Tallinn University of Technology) and Jonas Ågren (HiG)

Supervisors: Mohammad Bagherbandi (HiG), Lars Sjöberg (KTH) and Faramarz Nilfouroushan (HiG)

Scope of the study

The importance of studying the Earth's gravity field change lies with its application in revealing the most critical indicators of climate change, climate variability, and global warming. Quantifying the redistribution and transport of mass between the Earth subsystems (e.g. the global mean sea level rise and cryospheric mass changes) is of great importance for understanding the effect of climate change and global warming on our planet. Time-variable satellite gravity data are frequently used to quantify the Earth's surface mass change. Different aspects of analyzing the satellite-based time-variable gravity data will be considered in this study so that the accuracy of the Earth's surface mass change estimations will be enhanced. In this context, the application of satellite gravimetry techniques (i.e. GRACE and GRACE-FO missions) in the estimation of barystatic sea-level change, cryospheric mass change, and mass change in river basins and continents will be studied so that the research questions will be addressed. In addition, as the data have considerably improved and global mean sea level change has increased to about 3.7 mm/year today, the estimation of geopotential at the geoid, that is very important for determining Global Geodetic Vertical Reference Systems, will be considered as well in this study.

In accounting for the validation of results in this study, other datasets derived from techniques other than satellite gravimetry will be analyzed. Static global gravity models, altimetry-based mean sea surface models, mean dynamic topography models, altimetry based monthly global mean sea level, Argo-based monthly salinity and temperature observations over ocean, hydrological models, in situ oil wells production data, altimetry based surface elevation change data, and climate models are the models and datasets will be analyzed in this study.


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