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Ceremony for the Royal Skyttean Society Prize winner 2021

Jennie Jackson, forskare inom arbetshälsovetenskap.

At the 26th of May a ceremony is arranged for this year’s Royal Skyttean Society Prize winner, Jennie Jackson researcher in occupational health sciences, at the University of Gävle.


Ylva Fältholm, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gävle, initiates Erland Mårald, the Royal Skyttean Society, reads the motivation for the winner Jennie Jackson, researcher in occupational health sciences, presents her research "The hunt for a fine line – adventures in assessment of workplace exposure and health”.

Somewhere lies a line that is the just-right balance between exposure and health – a balance where bodies can do work and emerge not only unharmed, but in even better health. Finding that balance requires assessment of both exposure and health, and understanding of the dynamic relationship between the two given the ever-changing capacities of our bodies. This presentation will summarize my research efforts towards understanding different aspects of the exposure-health relationship, approached from lab, field, and registry studies, and the hunt for a fine line.

The event is presented in English.

Time: 26th of May at 15:00-15:45

Room: digital meeting via zoom, https://hig-se.zoom.us/j/66276328116
the ceremony and presentation will be recorded via zoom.

No registration is required.


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