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Innovative learning environments and research networks

The research program Learning Environments of Tomorrow invites you to an open lecture with Wesley Imms

Dr Wesley Imms

The Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEARN) group at the University of Melbourne in Australia undertakes high-level government and externally funded research into innovative learning environments (ILEs), as well as significant higher-degree training and professional learning programs. Its cross disciplinary structure is providing unique empirical data and practical resources to educators and designers alike, that has supported growth of these spaces in our region. In recent years, a more international focus has sought knowledge sharing with other parts of the world.

This talk continues that collaboration. It will discuss how LEARN has evolved, its aspirations for the future, and possible alliances in Sweden. It will briefly overview some of its research. It will brief our friends on what we see as the more important outcomes from that research. As an overarching theme, it will stress the benefits of the concept of a ‘network’ and why we feel it succeeds so well in this endeavour.

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Learning Environments of Tomorrow
Learning Environments Applied Research Network

Date: June 2
Time: 2–4 PM (mingle afterwards with refreshments and snacks.)
Room: 33:200, University of Gävle

If you need to participate digitally, please contact anneli.frelin@hig.se

About Dr Wesley Imms

Dr Wesley Imms is Associate Professor in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, a Director of the University of Melbourne’s Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), and Director of LEaRN@MGSE.
In these roles he teaches into Masters and Doctoral programs on subjects that bridge curriculum and learning environments and conducts research projects working with individual schools through to whole education systems.
He has authored approximately 100 scholarly papers, government and industry research reports and books on learning environments use
and evaluation.

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