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World Social Work Day

Join us in celebrating World Social Work Day and be inspired alongside researchers and students from various areas of social work.

Date: Tuesday 21 March
Time: 9.00-15.00
Plats: Zoom: https://hig-se.zoom.us/j/67459043119 and University of Gävle, hall Valhall 41:204

The collaboration arenas SUD (Development Center for Social Services in Dalarna) and ASK (Arena for Social Knowledge Development) together with Dalarna University, Gävle University, and the Open University of Mauritius invite you to a local conference to celebrate World Social Work Day.

The purpose of World Social Work Day is to bring attention to the successes and possibilities of social work globally and locally, to engage networks and local communities, and to contribute to new knowledge.

Social Workers around the world celebrate World Social Work Day, which is now in its 16th year and was originally initiated by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW). This year´s theme ”Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social action”, is both a vision and a plan of action. More information is available on IFSW´s website.



Drop in-fika

09.30- 12.00

The celebration of World Social Work Day starts.


  • Greetings from IFSWs president Joacim Mumba.
  • Migration and parenthood. Fatumo Osman, Associate Professor and university lecturer at Dalarna University.
  • User influence in mental illness. Cecilia Ingard, Doctoral student at Gävle University.
  • Female Genital Mutilation in The Gambia. Agi Ramou Jeng & Shewit Mulugeta, students at Dalarna University.
  • Do ageism matter in social work? Marcus Falk Johansson, Doctoral student at Dalarna University.
  • Honour-related Violence. Shanazis heroes.
  • Musical entertainment by the band ”You´ve got mail” from the Folk High School in Bollnäs.




Panel discussion with follow-up group discussions in the hall and in breakout rooms.

During the afternoon, representatives from civil society, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and students from the three universities that are organizing the day will be present.


Summary and conclusion


Logga ASK
Logga Socialtjänstens Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna
Logga Högskolan i Gävle
Logga Högskolan i Dalarna
Logga Open University Mauritius

Bo Söderqvist

Email: bo.soderqvist@hig.

Elin Johansson

Email: ejs@du.se

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