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Seminar: Transmission of religious values between generations 

Welcome to listen to one of the internationally most reputable researchers on ageing families and intergenerational relationships, professor Merril Silverstein from Syracuse University, USA

Professor Merrill Silverstein

Date: Thursday 16 March
Time: 1:30–3:30 PM
Room: University of Gävle, room 13:111

Professor Silverstein is the principal investigator of The Longitudinal Study of Generations (LSG) in California, which was initiated 1971 and currently consists of participants in families from five generations. Solidarity or cohesion between generations, generational change, and transmission of values between generations has been a central focus in Silverstein’s more than 150 publications (see attached CV, publications on religious values marked in yellow).

One of Silverstein’s research topics is religious values: the transmission of religious values between generations, continuity and discontinuity of religious values over the life course, religious trajectories over the life course. This is reflected in his production through titles such as:

  • Intergenerational similarity of religiosity over the family life course

  • The transmission of religious beliefs across generations: Do grandparents matter

  • Does religiousness increase with age?

  • Return to religion? Predictors of religious change among baby-boomers in their transition to later life

  • Parent–adult child religious discordance: Consequences for intergenerational solidarity across several decades

  • Religiosity of baby-boomers in young adulthood: Associations with psychological well-being over the life course

  • The relationship between religion and intergenerational solidarity in eastern and western Germany

  • Husband-wife religious discordance, marital Satisfaction, and risk of marital dissolution in two generations

Besides the US, Silverstein has had research projects in the Netherlands, Israel, China and Sweden. He has an ongoing longitudinal study on intergenerational relationships in China, continuing over two decades. He is now visiting Stockholm for a research project at KI, but co-published publications with Swedish researchers already two decades ago: Lennartsson, C. & Silverstein, M. (2001). Does engagement with life enhance survival of the oldest old?; and Silverstein, M. & Parker, M.G. (2002). Leisure activities and the quality of life among the oldest-old in Sweden.

Welcome to the seminar!

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