Introduction Day for International Students

On 25 August we will roll out the red carpet and welcome you to an introduction day at the University of Gävle. We are extending the service and offering various activities around the campus. Many programmes have their introduction on this day. We look very much forward to welcoming you!

Students walking to the main entrance Rävhallen. Green trees on the left and right hand side. The word Welcome with a red hart istead of the letter O

A bit nervous, lots of new information and people you don't know. That's what it's like to arrive in a new environment. It will probably be the same for you as a new student at the University of Gävle, but hopefully not for long.

Date: 25 August
Time: 09.00–14.00
Location: University of Gävle

More information will be published during the spring.


Project managers

Lisa Olsson and Satu Moberg
Division of Educational Support

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