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Citizen Science & Biodiversity webinar

If your organisation is working on improving biodiversity and sustainability - this European webinar event is for you.

Datum: November 15
Tid: 10.00-13.00
Plats: Digital or at the University of Gävle, room: 91:276

During the seminar, research in this field will be presented from different countries.

From the University of Gävle, researcher Marita Wallhagen, Associate Professor of Environmental Science, will present her research project Augumented Urbans. Augumented Urbans was a collaborative project with Gavlegårdarna and Gävle Municipality. The goal of this project has been to enhance biodiversity, ecosystem services, and people's knowledge and emotional connection with their outdoor environments.

Speaker Programme


Ilka Bickmann
CEO Science 2 Public


Marita Wallhagen
Project Leader: Augumented Urbans


Katie O´Dwyer
Chair of ATU Galway Green Campus Biodiversity Groups


Cristina Crastacani
Professor, University of Parma


Carlos Godinho
Researcher University of Évora, MED - Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture Environment and Development




Quentin Groom
Research and IT Departement, Botanic Garden, Meise


Lynda Huxley
Project Lead of ATU Mayo Save our Swifts Project, also lead Chair of Swift Conservation Ireland in a voluntary capacity


Diana Cupsa
Professor University of Oradea, Faculty of Informatics and Science (invasive species in cities - case studies in western Romania)


Alfonso Marzal
Professor, University of Extremadura


Szymon Bzoma



The University of Gävle is a member of the European university alliance called EU GREEN, which stands for European Universities Alliance for Sustainability Growth, Inclusive Education, and Environment. This alliance comprises nine educational institutions in nine different countries, and sustainability is the overarching theme of their collaboration.

There are nine Work Packages (WP) with international working groups formed for each package, involving participants from all nine countries. WP 5, Engagement for Sustainable Societies and Economies, is led by Atlantic Technical University (ATU) in Ireland and focuses on collaboration. WP 5 serves as a hub for various collaboration projects in which the university is involved. This can include collaboration within the international network and, perhaps most importantly, collaboration with the local community.

Citizen science, involving the local population in data collection for research and the development of methods and models, is a central concept within the network. The aim is to both engage the local community in gathering research data and to disseminate new knowledge that can contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society.

The seminar is organized by Atlantic Technological University and delivered by partners in the EU GREEN University Alliance

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The webinar is free of charge but you need to register.
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If you want to watch the seminar together with others, you are welcome to the University of Gävle where we will watch it together. We offer a light lunch. If so you need to register in the form below instead.


For more information about the webinar

Olov Dahlin
E-mail: olov.dahlin@hig.se

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