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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week: Green Campus

Calling all students to participate in the Entrepreneurship Week a 4-day event at the University of Gävle. The event focuses on entrepreneurship and sustainability. Challenges will be about designing a Green Campus and Renewable Energy.

Welcome to participate in the Entrepreneurship Week 3-6 April 2024. Four days with classes and challenges, case studies and LAB visits in Gävle, aiming to give an overview about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Challenges will be focused on Green Campus and Renewable Energy.

Date: April 3-6
Location: University of Gävle

The event is an activity developed within the AIM projectt and it aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship in the context of sustainability.

Highlights of the week:

  • Interactive workshops and seminars related to entrepreneurship led by industry experts.
  • Engaging challenges and activities designed to foster innovative thinking.
  • Opportunities to network with peers and professionals in the field of sustainability and renewable energy.


4000 SEK, however full scholarships (including course tuition, accommodation, lunches, and fika) will be awarded to the best candidates.

Apply for Scholarship

Apply as early as possible to increase your chances for a full Scholarship (first screening of applications on 8th March 2024).

Logga Högskolan
Logga BEST
Logga National Management School
Logga University Evora

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e-mail: contact@mgsust.com

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Published by: Catarina Carlsson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2024-02-28
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