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Innovation Days

Are you a student and want to help find sustainable solutions to tricky challenges? Then you should join the Innovation Days. You do not need any prior knowledge and no matter what you are studying, you are welcome.

Date: April 10-11
Location: University of Gävle

What are Innovation Days?

Innovation Days are about how we humans are better at solving a problem if we work together and look at the challenge from different perspectives. By mixing different skills and experiences, completely new ideas can emerge. Right now the world is facing many challenges and to make it more sustainable we need new ideas and new solutions.

Who can participate?

Everyone! You don't need any prior knowledge and no matter what you are studying you are welcome, everyone's experience and skills are needed. The only requirement is that you are curious, enjoy working in a team and are willing to see new solutions.

How does it work?

This is a two-day event where different teams solve a pre-defined challenge. The overall theme of these challenges will be biodiversity and environmental sustainability in agriculture and food production. Six different broad challenges will be presented before the event starts.

A team consists of 3-5 people. You register individually for the event, but if you are already part of a team, write the names of your teammates. If you do not have a team, you register yourself and then we will put you in a team with people with different backgrounds and skills. You choose the challenge you want to take on, or you may already have an idea in the field that you want to develop further.

Before everything starts, there is a short lecture on the overall theme so that everyone gets more knowledge. Then you can unleash your creativity and start working on finding solutions to your chosen challenge. There are coaches available to help you in the process.

Innovation Days is part of the European University EU GREEN, which includes the University of Gävle. This means that eight other colleges/universities in Europe arrange the same activity, the same days, with the same challenges at their universities. Therefore, it will also be possible to digitally meet coaches from other countries.


Here you can read more about the challenges you can choose to find creative solutions to during the Innovation Days.

1. Invasive plants

Within the European Union a “Black List” of invasive species has been produced in order to curb the explosive development of invasive species. However, in many regions very little has been done so far to stop the unwanted and serious development of invasive plants (and other species). How can this process be reversed through new innovative ideas and methods in your region?

2. How to boost biodiversity on campus

The life on our planet is now challenged by the man-made global biodiversity crisis. How can we, through new ideas and initiatives, improve all (or most) types of biodiversity on your campus area?

3. Improvement of climatic resilience on campus

Most of us have already, one way or the other, experienced that the global climate is changing. This leads to extreme weather types and several consequences: like more intense winds, higher temperatures, enhanced fire risks and more violent fires together with either flooding or droughts. From this perspective, how can new ideas and solutions make your campus areas more resilient and liveable in the present and predicted future climatic conditions?

4. Innovative food products from innovative protein sources

Develop a healthy and resilient food product that reduces reliance on traditional protein sources, exploring alternatives solutions such as plant-based or insect proteins. Participants should consider possible health benefits and environmental impact of their idea.

5. Water management innovation

Considering the impact of climate change on water resources, propose solutions to address water scarcity and intensive exploitation in agricultural practices. This challenge involves designing sustainable farming and livestock production techniques that minimize water usage.

6. Food waste reduction and circular economy in the food industry

Create strategies to reduce food waste and promote a circular economy in the food industry. Participants should explore methods for more efficient use of raw materials, addressing the paradox of hunger and food waste, and developing innovative approaches to food production and storage in order to minimize waste.

Why should you participate?

During Innovation Days, you will make new contacts and experiences, test your creativity and problem-solving skills, and perhaps start a journey of new opportunities. And, of course, the great honor of taking an idea to further development.

How to register

You register in the form below no later than April 8. The event will be in Swedish but you can participate even if you speak English.

If you already have a team that you want to join, write the names of your teammates. If you do not have a team, register yourself and we will put you in a team with people with different backgrounds and skills.

Logga EU Green

Coordinator for innovation issues

Anna Bäcklund
e-mail: anna.backlund@hig.se

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