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Denna nyhet är äldre än 6 månader och är kanske inte aktuell längre.

The university opens its embracing arms Saturday the 14th of June

Saturday the 14th of June between 10:00-14:00 new students and their
loved ones will be guided around the beautiful university environment.

-We are expecting a lot of visitors, since the university has enjoyed a high pressure of applicants. It is great that we get to show of how beautiful it is here, says Patrice Laredius student recruiter at the University of Gävle

-It is a tradition we have been doing for several years and one that is much appreciated by our upcoming students. That is, to be presented with this opportunity to get to know the University of Gävle a little bit better and to get to meet students that can share their experiences, says Patrice Laredius.

Staff and students

During the day students and teachers are answering questions. Additionally there is an opportunity to meet with student councilors and a couple of student ambassadors.

Gefle student union and the student associations

The university has a vivid student life consisting of several student associations and an active student union. Many of the associations and the union will be participating during the day and talk about the exciting activities during the next semester.

For further information, please contact:
Patrice Laredius
Phone: 070 559 07 28

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