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Safer working environment in the industry

Javier Ferrer coll, PhD in Electronics at the University of Gävle, shows in his research how the industry, despite often occurring environmental interferences, will be able to utilize the advantages of wireless communications to create a safer working environment.

Javier Ferrer Coll has performed measurements for wireless communication in different industrial environments such as a paper mill (Stora Enso), a steel mill (SSAB) and even at 1000 meters depth down in a mine in Kiruna.

Identifying the interferences

He found that amongst others, electrical motors and transport can insert interferences at frequency bands where wireless systems are used in the industry. In his research, he seeks to identify these interferences in the environment and to propose communication systems that are more robust towards them.

- Even when we performed measurements 1000 meters underground in the mine in Kiruna, we found interferences from the transport trains above ground, says Javier Ferrer Coll.

More robust communication systems

The result of the research is that several industrial environments that in different ways are affected by interferences concerning wireless communication have been classified.  This can then be used by developers to design more robust communication systems in critical processes in the industry.

- My research is more applied; we seek to improve the communication systems that are used today in the industrial environment.

The University of Gävle leading the charge

- My hopes are that the research at the University of Gävle will make it into the leading universities in the country when it comes to wireless communication in industrial environments. There are a lot of industries, such as paper mills, steel mills and the harbor, in the Gävle region that can utilize our results.

Currently, there is much work to be done before wireless communication is fully accepted in the industry. More measurements in industrial environments have to be performed, the problems identified and a communication system that fixes them has to be constructed.

Javier Ferrer Coll

Javier comes from Spain and studied telecommunications at the University in Valencia. He believes that wireless communication in industrial environments is a really interesting subject that has a large potential in the near future.  He is planning on staying in Sweden with his family. He will probably be moving to Stockholm where most of the telecommunication companies are located.

Javier Ferrer Coll defends his thesis “Channel Characterization and Wireless Communication Performance in Industrial Environments” the 4th of June, 13:00 o’clock at KTH.

Adress: Room D, KTH – ICT, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista, 13:00 (English)

The opponent will be Rajatheva, Premanandana, Adjunct Professor (Dept. Of Communication Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland). The main supervisor has been Slimane, Ben, Assistant Professor (KTH, the school for informational and communicative technology (ICT), Communication system, CoS, Radio Systems Laboratory (RS LAB)

For further information please contact:
Javier Ferrer Coll, PhD in electronics at the University of Gävle
Email: Javier.ferrercoll@hig.se

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