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The University of Gävle is forced to reject many of the applicants

-This autumn’s admission is now concluded and among the applicants to our programme and courses we are able to admit 32 percent. This means that it has been even more difficult to get admitted to the university compared to the record autumn of 2013, says strategist Erika Rosen.

Record-high applicant pressure 

10 300 qualified applicants have as their first choice applied for this autumn’s programme and courses at the university of Gävle. That is an increase by 10 percent compared to the record autumn of 2013. In total there were 31 600 applicants, this is also a large increase by 22 percent.

2100 people are admitted to the university’s selection of programs, which means that the university has been forced to reject 48 percent of the applicants who had chosen it as their first choice. The programs where the lowest amount of applicants can be admitted are:

  •  Study Programme in Education for the Primary School (distance)
  •  Study Program in Applied Criminology
  •  Study Programme in Social Work
  •  Study Programme in Business Administration (distance)

In all of these programs, less than 20 percent of the applicants who have chosen them as their first choice can be admitted.

Ought to be solely pleasing

-The number of applicants shows yet again that we are very attractive to future students. We are one of the most requested university’s in Sweden today, and that ought to be solely pleasing, says Per-Anre Wikström, Head of Communications and strategic partnerships at the University of Gävle.

- But frustratingly enough we are forced to shut out so many, and this in a region that has large needs of belief in the future and an increase in competence. We risk losing a generation of young people that ask for higher education but do not have the possibility to take part in it.

For further information, please contact:
Erika Rosén, strategist, +46 26 64 82 30 or +46 70 191 38 45
Per-Arne Wikström, Head of Communications and strategic partnerships, +46 26 64 87 03 or +46 70 649 87 03 

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2014-08-14
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