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The Preschool Teacher Education Programme at the University of Gävle is at the top when the educations in Sweden are ranked

At Uranks latest ranking of Swedish universities and university colleges the Preschool Teacher Education Programme of the University of Gävle tops the list. The Study Programme in Education for the Primary and secondary school at the university of Gävle are also ranked high and achieves a forth place.

Every year the independent organization, Sveriges universitetsranking (Urank), ranks the countries universities and university colleges.

The total ranking of Sweden’s 28 education institutions means a compilation of 27 variables, divided in six aspects of the education: the students, basic education, research and research education, internationalization, teachers as well as the educational institutions ability to recruit students with different backgrounds.

- A very welcome result, one should keep in mind that it is very rare for university colleges to be able to compete with the large universities in these kinds of rankings, says Erika Rosen, strategist at the University of Gävle.

-It’s great that the Preschool Teacher Education Programme receives attention in this way. Of course we previously knew that the education has a good reputation among students because of the high search pressure since its start in 2011, says programme director Anna Eriksson.

A very popular Preschool Teacher Educational Programme in Gävle

A compilation commissioned by the teacher covenant shows that the amount of first-choice applicants per admitted to the Preschool Teacher Education Programme is topped by the University of Gävle and Södertörn University.

For further information, please contact:
Erika Rosén, strategist, +46 26 64 82 30 or +46 70 191 38 45
Per-Arne Wikström, Head of Communications and strategic partnerships, +46 26 64 87 03 or +46 70 649 87 03

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