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We need to learn from the growth economists

Industrial economy at the University of Gävle receives 5,9 million Kronor from VINNOVA to investigate how the competition in growth economies such as China and Turkey works with innovation and product development.

Stronger and Stronger competition

Companies based in Sweden have since the 1990s competed with low-cost producers in new growth economies.  Now Swedish technology companies encounter stronger competition from these countries within product development as well.

These new competitors now challenge Swedish industry and product development research. Meanwhile companies in the growth economies also offer important cooperation opportunities to for example the Saab-group.

Learn from them

Tell us more, Lars Bengtsson, professor in innovation at the University of Gävle

What is the purpose of this research project? Swedish companies more frequently encounter competitors from growth economies that have moved from low-cost production to competing through advanced research and development.

The aim of the project is to analyze strategies and working procedures within competitors in four different sectors (tele-com, white-wares, construction equipment and air) and based on this gain knowledge for development of Swedish industry companies.

Why do you think you received the money? We will be looking at branches that are critical to Swedish industry companies. To even get any money at all from VINNOVA, leading research concerning the relevant questions in close interaction with companies and organizations is required.

What does this mean for the research at the University of Gävle? By this notification we mark that the University of Gävle and industrial economy still conducts industry-relevant research of high scientific quality within the area innovation strategies in global industry companies.

The research project is to be led by Professor Lars Bengtsson and conducted by the department for industrial economy at the University of Gävle in collaboration with researchers at Linköping University.

Industrial economy

The research within industrial economy and CLIP at the University of Gävle is conducted within one of the two research profiles of the university, Built Environment.

The main subject industrial economy covers the partial areas logistics, innovation, organization, quality and industrial environmental economy. The focus is on current problems, strategies and activities within the industry.

CLIP – The center for logistics and innovative production

CLIP, a FoU center for logistics and innovative production at the University of Gävle, was established when logistical and innovative production solution had become all the more important to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of companies and organizations.

CLIP wants to be an educational meeting place for people and companies while it offers access to excellent competence within logistics and innovative processes to the region.

For more information please contact:
Lars Bengtsson, professor in innovation at the University of Gävle
phone: +46 26 64 88 02
mail: lbn@hig.se

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