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New research provide social workers with better tools for analysis

In a new book socio psychological research is applied for the first time on social work.

The first book of its kind

Professor Sam Larsson at the University of Gävle has in a research collaboration with Peter Sohlberg at the University of Trondheim written a new book about socio psychology for social work.

The book is the first of its kind that discusses socio psychological theory formation and socio psychological research and applies it to social work.

New perspectives

The most important contribution of the book is that it provides new perspective on how one can understand the interaction between people, individuals and social structures. 

The book does not only provide an increased understanding for how the interaction between people can be understood but also for how different problem complexes that occur within this interaction can be understood within the borders of social work. 

Tell us more, Sam Larsson, professor in social work at the University of Gävle:

What is the purpose of the book and who is it aimed towards?

It is supposed to be an introductory text to how the socio psychology can be used within the borders of social work. It is useful where there is a need to discuss questions that concern socio psychological issues and their meaning for practical social work.

The book is mainly aimed towards the university and university-college students who study social work programmes and also to social workers who are currently active in their work life, psychologists and health care personnel that may have need of socio psychological analysis within their work. 

But it is also of general interest for those who want to study a wide spectrum of socio psychological theories with application on social and individual problems. 

What is new in the book “Socio psychology for social work”
The book integrates psychological, sociological and juridical dimensions and shows their significance for the social works practical aspects.

The book also provides new perspective on how one may conduct socio psychological analyses within typical main subjects for social work such as for example abuse; youths’ usage of drugs and alcohol, mental illness and understanding for marginalized groups in society.

The book is called “Socio psychology for social work” (Student literature)

For further information, please contact:
Sam Larsson professor in social work at the University of Gävle Phone: +46 26 648221, +46 73 4614308 Email:Sam.larsson@hig.se

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