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Experts are the least concerned about climate changes

A study, carried out by, amongst others, Igor Knez, professor at Gävle University, ascertains surprisingly that experts are the least concerned about climate changes.

Considerable interest in China

The study that was made in 2013 and that investigated people’s concerns and emotions about climate changes has been received with great interest. It has been published within the Chinese scientific and society sector, and the paper has been downloaded more than 1000 times, and read more than 4000 times.

“It is very likely the surprising result of the investigation that has made it so interesting. I have never experienced that a paper has been downloaded so many times,” says Igor Knez.

Experts least concerned

The result of the climate investigation showed that:

  • Experts were the least concerned for and afraid of climate change impact
  • The youngest participants were found to be most, and oldest least, concerned for their future
  • Women, compared with men, were shown to be more concerned for and afraid of the consequences of climate change
  • Men and the least educated participants believed their jobs were more threatened by the environmental laws and protection, and the latter believed moreover that the claims about climate change are exaggerated.

“The fact that experts are those who seem least concerned can be accounted for by the fact that they very often possess detailed inside information about the published results.

Take into consideration a great number of opinions

“A conclusion one can draw when promoting sustainable behaviour is that we have to take into account this diversity of opinions and emotions found in different groups of individuals,” säger Igor Knez.

For further information please contact:
Igor Knez, Professor of Psychology, Gävle University
Tel: 648111
E-mail: igor.knez@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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