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Researcher improves wireless communication

Shoaib Amin, PhD student at Gävle university college, shows how one can improve the performance of transmitters for wireless communication.

Increased wireless communication

With the increased use of wireless communication systems, for example mobile phones, comes the demand for faster transmission speeds and wireless access. This calls for new hardware that can support broadband and multiple band signals.

In order to distribute these signals new interfaces for radio frequencies are required and the challenges consist of keeping the energy consumption low and at the same time increasing the spectrum efficiency.

The transmitters are the key

Shoaib Amin proposes in his thesis several methods by which the transmitter’s performance can be improved, both regarding the total energy consumption and an increased use of the radio spectrum.

Without increased hardware costs a more effective energy consumption and better coverage can be achieved.

The contents of the thesis have resulted in a number of papers that have been published in international journals and at conferences.

Shoaib Amin

Shoaib Amin is a flight engineer and comes from Pakistan. He came to Gävle university college initially in 2009 to do his masters degree.  After that he returned to Pakistan to work in the aircraft industry but got the opportunity to do his postgraduate studies here.

“When I have taken my doctor’s degree perhaps I will stay in Sweden for a couple of years, to gain work experience, before I return to Pakistan”, says Shoaib, who thinks Sweden is splendid apart from the cold winter weather.

Shoaib Amin defends his licentiate dissertation on the 23rd of January at 10.00am in room 99:132 at Gävle university college.

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