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One must be permitted to go for it!

”If you feel free and unconstrained then this is a sign of strong leadership,” says Lasse Ekstrand, researcher and lecturer in the subject at Gävle University College.

Leadership – a relationship

”The literature on the subject is fixated on people and characteristics, but leadership has to do with relationships as I understand it” says Lasse.

” One must be permitted to go for it!”

Films and TV series

When he teaches his students about leadership he often uses examples from films and TV series. He exemplifies strong leadership for his students by showing them instances where professionals are led by being left in peace, so that they can be creative.

Trust – not control

A good leader has confidence in his colleagues and in that way creates scope for action and an incitement to be independent.

”An anxious need to verify everything never promotes a creative climate.”

Leaders without the capacity to lead

Lasse thinks that unfortunately leaders without the capacity to lead is an all too common occurrence.  A leader must make it possible for his colleagues to take initiatives and be active. A real leader shields independent colleagues from those with a higher position.  

-”It creates the security that is necessary in order to be creative.”

He practices what he preaches

On his courses there is climate of freedom and self-responsibility. He doesn’t believe in micro-managing or supervising his students. If certain students wish to do the minimum amount of work then that is their choice.

” I prefer to put the emphasis where I can get a result.”

For further information please contact:
Lasse Ekstrand, University Lecturer in Business Economics 
Tel: 026-648632 
E-mail: lars.ekstrand@hig.se

By: Douglas Öhrbom
Photo: Ove Wall

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