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The Dance of the Devil continues at the University of Gävle

“The Dance of the Devil” that dealt with the problems surrounding codependency, became one of the most talked about TV series in the late autumn of  2014.


Codependency is a hidden public health problem that touches everybody who is close to someone with an addiction. One estimates that a million Swedes today have some form of addiction and near to each addict there are, on average, another four people that suffer.

Behind every person with an addiction problem those closest to them suffer in silence often ending up as codependent, people whose lives change and where their own behaviour must adjust.

A family affair

Sometimes dependency is called a family affair. When a person has developed an addiction then their nearest relationships are affected in one way or another. Just as there is treatment for addictive illnesses so there is treatment even for the relatives. Relatives also need to meet other families to be able to learn how to take care of themselves in a better way.

The problems are immense

Tell us more, Linda Ytterholm, lecturer in psychology at the University of Gävle:

Is ‘codependency’ a newly detected problem?

Self-help groups for relatives have been around in the US since the fifties, but the concept, ‘codependency’ emerged in the eighties and since then there has been a scientific discourse on the subject.

There is however a certain ambivalence concerning the concept and a constant, formal definition does not exist.

The actual problems for both adults and children are numerous however, and demand greater understanding and more resources.

What does the conference wish to achieve?

The aim of the conference is to continue to shed light on this important subject and the help that is available, also to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas between the parties concerned within the county.

As the University of Gävle amongst other subjects educates Bachelors of Science in Social Work, nurses and Health Educationalists the aim is to spread this knowledge to students before they start their careers.

The University of Gävle in collaboration with the Gävle Municipality invites you to a conference in the actual subject. Apart from lectures there will be a panel discussion where professionals within the field will take part.

Date: Tuesday 17th February
Time: 1:00pm – 4.00pm
Place: Valhall

Fred Nyberg, professor at Uppsala University and journalist Annika Jankell will attend as well as Sanna Lundell and Ann Söderlund journalists and presenters of the TV series that has provoked such interest.

The conference includes lectures, a panel debate and discussions on the subject and takes place at the University of Gävle in the Valhall lecture hall.

Please register your attendance.

The conference is free but demands registration. At present there are only a few places left. ‘First come first served’!

Send registrations to johnny.gustafsson@gavle.se  

A warm welcome!

For further information please contact:
Linda Ytterholm, lecturer in psychology at the University of Gävle.
Tel: 026- 64 50 92, 073-512 92 38
E-mail: linda.ytterholm@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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