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Engineers Evenings - a success in more districts than ever!

On the 11th March Gävle University is arranging an engineers evening, an
event that has grown enormously in the last few years,” says Anna
Näsman, responsible for coordination in the Faculty of Engineering and
Sustainable Development, Gävle University.

At the engineers evening at Gävle University visitors meet faculty programme directors and students. Representatives for local businesses are also there to answer questions on careers as well as what awaits students after their exams. The number of visitors to these meetings at Gävle University has in the last five years beaten the record.

Additional venues and events planned during 2015

This year is the eleventh year in a row that meetings for engineers have been arranged, and in more districts than ever before. In Hälsingland, Ljusdal was the first town to have an Engineer’s Day - then Edsbyn and Söderhamn arranged engineers meetings in the evenings. At the end of March Avesta will also have a meeting for engineers.

The programme at the information meetings is adapted according to the district involved. Focus in the county is put on the local industry representatives who can inform people about their views on competence and future requirements.

”We have had excellent cooperation with industry and commerce that together with us want to make known the opportunities that a technical education can bring. And because there is a lack of competence within several engineering professions it is important that students and industry can meet at an early stage,” says Anna Näsman, coordinator.

Long tradition of collaboration

The technological programmes at Gävle University have a long tradition of collaboration with industry and this is yet another step in that direction. Together with local businesses, schools and learning centres in the region and TeknikCollege in Hälsingland it has been possible to arrange regular local meetings.

Gävle University would like to extend a large thank you to our visitors and collaborators. Several businessmen have done an excellent job in explaining the exciting opportunities that exist within the different technological sectors in the county.

Gävle University educates engineers and technicians within automation, building, computers, electronics,

energy systems, industrial design, industrial economy, IT/GIS, land survey, mechanical engineering, environmental technology and community planning.

The last day for applying for the courses starting this autumn is the 15th of April.

‘Engineers Evenings’ is an event financed by Teknikerjakten(Ljungbergs Fund), at Gävle University with the aim of increasing interest for courses within Science and Technology.

Read more about the ‘Engineers Evening’ on the 11th March at www.hig.se/ingenjorskvall

For more information, please contact:
Anna Näsman, responsible for coordination in the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development 070-338 84 91, anna.nasman@hig.se
Magnus Lemoine, responsible for coordination in the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development, 073-070 89 02, magnus.lemoine@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

Published by: Douglas Öhrbom Page responsible: Anders Munck Updated: 2015-03-10
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