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You brave (un)sustainable world

Welcome to a 12 minute mini-lecture given by Sarah Ljungquist,
researcher and senior lecturer in gender studies at Gävle University.

Sarah Ljungquist embraces Aidous Huxley’s dystopian portrayal of the future, Brave New World (1932) about a world where consumerism has become mammon, she uses it as an example to shed light upon the social perspective of sustainable development.

  • Questions about why such a world is neither socially nor ecologically sustainable.
  • Why the biased focus on the ecological sustainability?
  • The significance of a balance between social and ecological sustainability.

Date: Wednesday 25th March

Time: 12.12 pm

Place: University Library, Kungsbäcksvägen 47.

Arranger: Gävle University Library. The lecture will be filmed.

Lecture series “12 minutes past 12” - Theme this spring: “ 4 x sustainability”

A new set of open mini-lectures in the series “12 minutes past 12” starts at the University Library. The theme for this spring is “4 x Sustainability” – social, cultural, ecological and economical.”

  • Social – 25th March “You brave (un)sustainable world” Sarah Ljungquist
  • Cultural -21st April “Instead of atheism” Peder Thalén
  • Ecological – 6th May “Our man-made environment – environmental threat or hope for the future?” Marita Wallhagen
  • Economical – 20th May “Social entrepreneurship and arbitrariness” Maria Fregidou-Malama

New Researcher’s Corner

Lectures are given roughly once a month in the university library’s new Researcher’s Corner. The aim of the series is to spread information about current research and to increase contact between the university’s researchers and the public.

The lectures begin at 12 minutes past 12 pm, and continue for about 12 minutes, followed by an opportunity to ask questions for those who would like to know more.

For more information contact:

Maivor Hallén, Chief librarian Gävle University 026-64 81 88, 070-605 66 26
Karin Meyer Lundén, librarian Gävle University 026-64 89 19

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Foto: Ove Wall

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