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An Olympics coach is coming to town

Professor Panagiotis V. Tsaklis from Thessaloniki, Greece is to visit Gävle University. He is the coach for two athletes who are going to represent Greece in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Panagiotis V. Tsaklis is a Professor of Biomechanics and Ergonomics and is also an active coach.

Algorithms lead to top form

One of Proffesor Tsaklis’ areas of research concerns how training can be organized so that the athletes can maximize their form. He does this by adapting algorithms to the athlete’s condition and the sport in question.

Gävle 4th-6th May

Panagiotis V. Tsaklis visits Gävle between the 4th and 6th of May and is giving a lecture that is open to all students and anyone else who is interested in sports and training.

Panagiotis will lecture on how one as coach, athlete or person who does physical exercise, with the help of certain tools, can organize training to achieve the best impact.  

The visit is part of a joint research project with Guilherme Elcadi, senior lecturer in Sports Sciences at Gävle University.

Date: Monday 4th May
Time: 1pm-4pm
Place: Gävle University, room 33:202

Tell us more Guilherme Elcadi, senior lecturer in Sports Science at Gävle University:

What can Professor Tsaklis teach Swedish athletes?

“Panagiotis V. Tsaklis is an Olympic coach and it is always interesting to hear what a genuine elite coach relate what they have learnt.

Coaches that have not yet reached that level, and even athletes that want to improve their performance, can get many tips.

All coaches have their own methods and usually pick up ideas from each other.

I think that everyone who is interested in sport and physical exercise can gain a great deal by listening to him.”

All coaches want top form from their athletes, what does he do that is different?

“He has extensive experience of elite performance and presents a new way of training; he is even on the Olympic Committee.”

How did this collaboration emerge?

This collaboration developed from an Erasmus project, our students and lecturers can also, through this collaboration travel to Thessaloniki.

For more information please contact:
Guilherme Elcadi, lecturer in Sports Science, Gävle University.
Tel: 026-648719
Email: guilherme.elcadi@hig.se

Text:Douglas Öhrbom

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