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World-renowned researcher in education gives lecture at Gävle University

He has been called Europé’s “go-to”philosopher in Education, not least because he is able to express himself so that he appeals to a wider audience.

Gert Biesta has written or edited over forty books, one hundred and fifty chapters in books and one hundred and seventy papers.

He has even been chosen as the first non-American President of the Philosophy of Education Society  in the USA.

The lecture:

The role of research in improving the quality of education

The idea that research ought to contribute to an improvement in education is as old as the establishment of further education in a modern university.

But despite the promise that research ought to, and can, contribute towards improving education, the question still needs to be asked how should this actually take place? What is required of research in order for it to be able, in practice, to give a positive contribution to pedagogy?

In his lecture Gert analyses these questions in detail and argues the need for a better understanding of the different roles of research in relation to praxis.

Date: Thursday  21st May Time: 10.00 am -12.00 am Place: Room 33:202 Gävle University

  • The lecture is a part of the university’s collaboration assignment with the surrounding community.
  • It even gives an impulse that stimulates the debate about the legitimacy of research in  basic education, in reality, at the university.
  • Earlier higher seminars have been arranged in the department around, for example critical analysis, which have been greatly appreciated.
  • Lectures such as this are part of the process of preparing for the third research profile at the university.

More about Gert Biesta:

Awarded the ”Francqui International Professorship” in Belgium which has been awarded to a number of Nobel prize winners over past years


On his website www.gertbiesta.com one can see that he is often engaged as a Keynote speaker over the whole world, where Gävle University is on the list for Upcoming presentations.

For more information please contact:

Anneli Frelin, docent, Senior Lecturer in Didactics at Gävle University Tel: 026-64 81 43, 070-317 85 14  Email: anneli.frelin@hig.se

Text: Douglas Öhrbom

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